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dogs at weddings

Exciting news! Invite your dog to your wedding

We understand how important your dog is to you, they’re your furry best friend after all! We’re delighted to let you know that you can now invite your poodle to Pentney, your mastiff to Manor Mews and your Old English to Oxnead! From 1st August 2020 you can bring your dog to your wedding for a 1 hour and 30 minute period. This means your pooch can join you for your ceremony, drinks reception and photos.

“Being able to see Millie, our golden retriever and a huge part of our lives, on our wedding day
at Oxnead Hall added to the magic of getting married in such a beautiful place and we have
some gorgeous photos of the three of us to cherish forever!”

Kat and Tom

Fun ways to incorporate your dog into your special day

If you’ve not already leapt to Pinterest to find some photo inspiration, here’s some fun ways to include your pup in your special day:

  • An important role – Undoubtedly your dog is one of your best friends, so why not ask them to be your Dog of Honour or Best Dog? There’s nothing cuter than a Frenchie in a bow tie!
  • Waggy ring bearer – Add a little box to their collar, and you’ve got one very waggy ring bearer!
  • Take them for a walk – down the aisle! Whether the bride is being joined by a special figure in their life or choosing to go solo, have your dog join them. Glammed up lead optional.
  • The photos! – Of course, you’re going to want to incorporate your furry best friend into the photos. Have a chat with your photographer about some ideas and consult Pinterest for inspo.

After your dog’s duties are done for the day, why not carry on the theme? You could have photos of your pooch as part of your table numbers, doggy shaped biscuits as favours or include them in your cake topper!

A few things to consider

  • Consider your dog’s disposition – Weddings are overwhelming days, often with lots of guests. If your dog is a little anxious or more over-excitable, think about how they may cope on the day. It may be a case of limiting their involvement to just the photos with the bride and groom.
  • Care for your guests – It’s your special day, but if you know any of your guests are dog phobic or have allergies, give them the heads up to prepare.
  • Appoint a pooper scooper – As well trained as your dog may be, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. If you’re having an outside ceremony or drinks reception, make sure you’ve enlisted one of your bridal party to be on poop watch, to swiftly clear away any accidents.
  • The dog sitter – whatever your dog’s role in your big day, make sure you have someone ready to take the lead when you have your hands full.

What happens once it’s time for your dog to go home?

Once you’ve finished the pictures with your pup, plans must be in place for their swift collection. We have some fantastic recommended suppliers to ensure that your dog has the best day too! Oh Bella Wedding Day Dogs offer drop off, pick up and overnight stay services for your dog.

She also offers supervision for the whole time the dog is at the venue and taking them for a calming walk beforehand. Also coordinating with the photographer and having treats on standby so they get the best doggy photos and picking up the poop so the wedding party doesn’t have to. You don’t need to worry about a thing with having Amy on hand!

Does having your dog at your wedding sound like your dream? Be sure to touch base with your wedding planner at Unique Norfolk Venues to discuss your plans. You can read our FAQs on bringing your dog to your wedding.

If you’re yet to book your venue and having your dog at your day is top of your list, book a viewing for one of our gorgeous venues by emailing [email protected] or calling 01485 500292.

Jasper and Elizabeth
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