Saturday the 11th of July was a day of firsts for us here at Unique Norfolk Venues – the first Hindu wedding ceremony Unique Norfolk Venues and Oxnead Hall had hosted. The first really hot wedding day, that resulted in a few red faces and tan lines. The first day we hosted two ceremonies, two drink receptions and a fantastic sparkler exit. It was the longest ever wedding day, but it was entirely worth it to be part of an extremely interesting, cultural and entertaining day, filled with laughter and happiness and a lot of sunshine and sun cream!

Sophie and Utsav-1513Sophie and Utsav-1523 Sophie and Utsav-1527 Sophie and Utsav-1509 Sophie and Utsav-1497 Sophie and Utsav-1492 Sophie and Utsav-1460 Sophie and Utsav-1470 Sophie and Utsav-1490 Sophie and Utsav-1455 Sophie and Utsav-1444 Sophie and Utsav-1440 Sophie and Utsav-1430 Sophie and Utsav-1436


































Sophie and Utsav’s wedding day started bright on Saturday 11th July. After checking into the Oxnead Hall accommodation on Friday and helping add the final personal touches to the The Barn which would host the wedding breakfast, including their fantastic hanging lanterns and intriguing book centrepieces.

Sophie and Utsav-78Sophie and Utsav-29

Sophie and Utsav-32Sophie and Utsav-67

Sophie and Utsav-271Sophie and Utsav-273

Sophie and Utsav-232Sophie and Utsav-367

Sophie and Utsav-346Sophie and Utsav-305























Utsav was up early, accompanied by his nearest and dearest decorating the Mandap that was to host the Hindu ceremony at 10am. It was then onto their preparations to get ready for the first of the two ceremonies. Utsav and groomsmen were guided down into the ornamental maze garden by the enchanting sounds of the drums, where Sophie joined shortly after looking absolutely stunning in the traditional Hindu wedding outfit, being sprinkled with petals, it was a beautiful entrance. It was such a fabulous insight into a Hindu Ceremony with the fantastic traditions, the bright colours, the smell of the spices and the fantastic candid photo opportunities – perfectly captured by Andy Davison Photography.

Sophie and Utsav-331Sophie and Utsav-306Sophie and Utsav-426Sophie and Utsav-523

Sophie and Utsav-551Sophie and Utsav-569

Sophie and Utsav-615Sophie and Utsav-587



















Following the Hindu ceremony guests basked in the glorious sunshine in the gardens and on the banks of the lake, enjoying the delicious samosa’s and snacks bags provided by Sophie and Utsav with a glass of sparkling elderflower or orange juice. Garden games were provided to entertain the guests too. After a brief break for some more fantastic photographs in the gardens of The Hall and a chance for Rowan Banks of Apricot Weddings Videography to capture even more brilliant moments from the day, the wedding couple then retired back to the Oxnead Hall accommodation to wash the abundance of spices and rice from their hair and prepare for the civil ceremony at 2pm.

Sophie and Utsav-95Sophie and Utsav-702

Sophie and Utsav-627Sophie and Utsav-673

Sophie and Utsav-665Sophie and Utsav-651-Small














Sophie and Utsav-752Sophie and Utsav-847






In the meantime, the Oxnead Hall ornamental maze garden was transformed back into its natural state, whilst the manicured lawns flowing down to the waters edge became the perfect setting for the civil ceremony – perfectly captured by Andy Davison, who sprinted to the other side of the lake to capture this moment – true commitment to getting the best photographs. Guests took their seats and Utsav waited patiently for Sophie to join him at the altar, with the fantastic harpist playing in the background. Arm in arm with her father Sophie meandered down the lavender lined aisle to officially become Mr and Mrs Reddy.

Sophie and Utsav-853Sophie and Utsav-907

Sophie and Utsav-857Sophie and Utsav-872

Sophie and Utsav-882Sophie and Utsav-922

Sophie and Utsav-946Sophie and Utsav-952



















After this second breath-taking ceremony guests then flowed back into the ornamental maze garden through the ruins, throwing confetti at Sophie and Utsav as they emerged. Arrival drinks of sparkling elderflower and sparkling rose and canapés of;

  • Grilled Mini Tomato and Basil Crostini with Pepper Roulade
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Frittata
  • Bayonne Ham with Parmesan and Basil Tarts
  • Crispy Duck and Spring Onion Tartlets

Guests enjoyed the slight drop in temperature as the bride and groom had photos with their guests and explored the gardens.

Sophie and Utsav-1015Sophie and Utsav-1019

Sophie and Utsav-991Sophie and Utsav-1005

Sophie and Utsav-1129Sophie and Utsav-1124

Sophie and Utsav-1095Sophie and Utsav-1084



















It was then up to The Barn at 4pm for the wedding breakfast, Sophie’s theme of pastel colours was fantastically consistent throughout, with the hanging pastel lanterns filling the room around the twinkling fairy lights. The speeches commenced before dinner and resulted in a lot of laughter and tears – the main ingredients of successful speeches!

Dinner was then served and guests were treated to;

  • Norfolk Ham Hock Terrine, Salted Cauliflower, Pickled Cucumber and Piccalilli Dressing or Marinated Tomato, Shallot and Baby Caper Salad, Whipped Black Pepper Goats Cheese, Oregano
  • Pan Roast Chicken Breast with Crispy Skin, Chicken Wing Lollipop, Pomme Anna, Sage and Onion Beignet, Confit Shallot, Roasted Chesnut Mushrooms and a Madeira and Chicken Jus or Open Ravioli of Field Mushrooms and Globe Artichokes, Mushroom Tea Veloutte, Walnut Crumble and Garden Herbs
  • Glazed Lemon Tart with Raspberry Sorbet and Clotted Cream

Sophie and Utsav-1177Sophie and Utsav-736

Sophie and Utsav-1165Sophie and Utsav-1241

Sophie and Utsav-1347Sophie and Utsav-1306














After dinner the party kicked off, Sophie and Utsav welcomed their evening guests and everyone relaxed in the evening sunshine and then tucked into some absolutely delicious (as usual!!) crepes from Christophe’s Crepes. They were so popular that many guests went back for seconds or thirds! The fantastic sound from The Barn of Lawrence Brooks singing and playing guitar added to the relaxed atmosphere and made for a lovely evening.
Sophie and Utsav-1547Sophie and Utsav-1548

Sophie and Utsav-1551
Sophie and Utsav-1550









Sophie and Utsav-1366Sophie and Utsav-1356

Sophie and Utsav-1544
Sophie and Utsav-1539









The finale to the evening was the sparkler exit – what a fabulous opportunity for photographers as you can see below!
Sophie and Utsav-1607Sophie and Utsav-1553

Sophie and Utsav-1591





A massive thank you to Andy Davison Photography for providing us with these fantastic photographs and being a pleasure to work alongside. Congratulations and thank you to Sophie and Utsav, we were lucky to be part of such a fantastic wedding day full of tradition, colour and laughter, what more could you ask for as a wedding venue then to experience such a fantastic day for a wonderful couple.